Allan Spiers

Fitness Photographer, Graphic Artist, & Music Producer

I was born in Lima, Peru and moved with my mom to the U.S. when I was 13 years old with the hope of fiding a better future for me. After attending high school in California, I moved to Florida, where I acquired a job as a graphic artist. I witnessed my hobby of designing advertisements and web pages turn into an art form of its own. I determined it was time to finally make my hobby, my art, into a business.

That’s when I founded my graphic design company Digital Fuel Studios, Inc. Since 1997, I have had the privilege to have worked with over 700 clients and worked on over 10,000 projects worldwide. After years of admiring most of the stock photography used during my career, I decided to challenge my artistic abilities and began to explore the world of photography. I started my professional photography business in 2001, and I quickly showed the ability to capture my subject’s inner beauty and emotion.

In 2004, I moved to Chicago, where my passion for photography has flourished. I feel extremely fortunate to have a career that I absolutely love and am passionate about.

In my mind photography is not just the presentation of a beautiful body, but rather the expression of a complex personality. Consequently, my goal is to discover and capture the true person in my images. This is the reason I am compelled to take pictures – my desire to not only show how something looked, but how it felt when I took the photograph and captured the moment. I want to convey the spirit and personality of the person from a new and surprising point-of-view.

Each shoot is unique to every individual and it’s important that the person feels comfortable and engaged in the project. I am an observer, capturing a moment that hopefully manages to tell an entire story about a place or reveal a little of the soul of the person I am photographing.