A portfolio collection of refined form and
style of the effortless beauty of men.

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ProjectThe Sabbath

Gaze upon a dark worl
and enter the forbidden.

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ProjectLegion of Aeons

A revolutionary project that brings fitness
models into a vastly complex world
where they become their own heroes.

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With your patronage I am able to spend more time on photoshoots, editing photos, and working on creating projects like 'Legion of Aeons', 'Dicks & Dames', and recently 'The Sabbath' in which images could take up to 9 hours to create. Your patronage will also help pay for editing programs like Photoshop, upgrading my equipment (video cards, hard drives, camera, etc.), as well as acquiring props to make shoots ever more spectacular and to cover expenses that come from on-location shoots. It is my goal to push the limits and take my photography to new heights, new fascinating locations, and delve into truly unique subjects.


In my mind photography is not just the presentation of a beautiful body, but rather the expression of a complex personality. Consequently, my goal is to discover and capture the true person in my images. This is the reason I am compelled to take pictures - my desire to not only show how something looked, but how it felt when I took the photograph and captured the moment. I want to convey the spirit and personality of the person from a new and surprising point-of-view.

Each shoot is unique to every individual and it's important that the person feels comfortable and engaged in the project. I am an observer, capturing a moment that hopefully manages to tell an entire story about a place or reveal a little of the soul of the person I am photographing.

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My ongoing projects are always changing, so be sure to check out the 'Current Projects' section for updates.