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Throughout the world there are many unique and powerful religions many never get to see or hear about. These religions are practiced and celebrated with astounding and sometimes frightening rituals to those on the outside. From the worship and veneration to many gods and spirits, to occult rites of witchcraft and animal sacrifice, each drive their devotees toward the divine.


Palo Mayombe is an Afro-Cuban religion that centers around a spiritual vessel called an nganga which houses the religion’s godlike spirits. Animals are considered sacred for nourishing mankind as well as spirits. For that reason any animal that is to be used for food is first ritually offered to the nganga and made sacred through sacrifice. Viewer discretion is adviced.


In modern witchcraft no ritual is as taboo as the curse, a rite that is intended to bring harm or death on the witch’s enemies. Among the many methods of cursing is the poppet curse. This is where the soul of the target is tethered to a ritually prepared likeness in order to sympathetically bond them together so what happens to one happens to the other.